Stream the Eken H9 (4k HD Camera) to the PC Via Wifi no Android in the middle, Use as a security camera

For those of you who have an Eken H9 camera, this camera has WIFI built-in, but you can only control it with android based phones (Versions 5.0+) or IOS apple phones.

I wanted to use the Eken H9 as a security camera, connect it outside and watch the camera feed from my PC (and not using my phone)
Also I wanted to view the camera feed from outside of the house when I'm at work for example.

So if you want to view the camera stream from your PC or with your mobile device when you are outside then follow the following steps:

  1. Download "Ez Icam" app to your phone (its free app).

  2. Connect a WIFI dongle to your PC in order to control it.

3.Download Team-Viewer app to your phone.

4.Download Team-Viewer software to your PC.

5.Download VLC free software to your PC (free software).

And that's it.

(FYI: options 2-4 are only needed if you want to view stream when you are away).

First thing is you need to activate the WIFI from your camera (Press down button on camera).
eken h9 press down button

Then open the Ez icam app in your phone add the WIFI cam (default password is : 1234567890),
Ez-icam app

After you are connected to the camera, you should see this screen on your phone.
eken h9 preview from Ez-icam app

Obviously the feed should look a-little different :D

Now turn off the WIFI on your mobile device, go to the computer and connect to the cam's hotspot (the ssid's password is the same as before)

connect the eken h9 camera to the pc

After you connect to the camera with your computer , the camera gives you an IP address (the camera has a DHCP built in so it gives out IPs to those who connect to it's hotspot) .
The IP of the camera is

Now open the VLC software and go to Media->Open Network Stream
VLC open network stream

In the URL bar enter rtsp://
Eken H9 rtsp mjpeg camera feed from pc using vlc

Press play and that's it Now you can view the camera stream from your PC.
Eken H9 video stream from the PC through rtsp using VLC

If you want to view the camera feed when you are not at home you can use Team-Viewer to connect to your PC from your mobile device
Eken H9 camera feed from mobile

In he future I will show you how you can view the stream without teamviewer using the browser and add buttons to control the camera like the app so stay tuned :)



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