Make a Raspberry Pi Pico Oscilloscope with 3d Printed Case

Many readers of this blog will know that it's possible to make an oscilloscope/logic analyzer from the Raspberry Pi Pico.

Called Scoppy, full details are on github.

When I made a Scoppy with two resistors and a small breadboard a few weeks ago, I went looking for a case to put it in. Coming up empty-handed, I enquired on Reddit if anyone had an stl file to 3d print a suitable stand/case.

I received just a single response - from a Redditor who simply said, "I'll design one for you."


Over the next couple of weeks we sent messages to one another, and eventually, he/she sent me an stl to try on my printer. I'm not so great at measuring dimensions, but somehow he/she got it all spot-on first time around. When I say it was "spot-on" I mean the USB socket sat exactly in the middle of the case's hole. It was unbelievable for a first attempt so I enquired how he/she had done it with such precision. The response was:

"I found an image online of a pico sitting on a breadboard so i tried to pixel-count it with the dimensions I had off the micro-usb port."

Seriously... a pixel count?


My favorite Redditor then went on to amuse me when he/she apologized for taking so long. (2 weeks!)

"I had exams," he/she said.

Assuming I was dealing with a student of Industrial Design I enquired, "what are you studying?"

"I'm still at school," came the humiliating reply.


Anyway, once I'd printed the case, I ordered a few banana sockets from Aliexpress and when they arrived, I put it all together with an old Nexus 6P I had lying around the house.

If you're interested in the stand/case, he/she posted the files on the Prusa 3d Printer Site.

From the Prusa site, I now know I've had the pleasure of working with DerKipo @DerKipo_693686 - who, it would seem, is in Germany.

Thank you DerKipo. And good luck with your exams!

Mike Diamond

Lawyer, author, ex-medical school director, medical education accreditation consultant, and enthusiastic self-taught maker.

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